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  1. In my dream l was heavily pregnant tiring wrapper to my chest and walking to buy fuel and a woman passed me saying finally u are pregnant thank God. And a man took d gallon and to me buy the fuel but he was the dead neighbour at my husband's workshop. Pls help

  2. Meeting a dead neighbour on your way brings a setback and bad luck to whatever you are looking for. If you are currently pregnant, pray that it should not pass through miscarriage but if you are not pregnant, simply ask God to break any soul tie covenant between you and the dead neighbour. Ps 27

  3. Good evening please I had this dream I was walking on the road going to a friend house as I cross the road to her house I met another friend but can't really tell who by face she said to me I was coming to your place to give you something she was holding it and I said to her to wait that I just want to drop a message to another of my friend so as I got there she was up the building plaiting her hair so she said to me that she was planning to come to my house to iron her cloth then I said to her that she is free to come and iron her cloth so going to her where she was plaiting her hair on a high story building I really got scared when my eyes felt the floor so she was like I should hold the rod concentrate and not look down that I will not fall it took long before I did as she said and finally I did so got to her told her why I came and i got down safely and went to the other friend that said she was coming to my place to give me something and we left together and I woke up. Really don't understand what it means please help me out

  4. Hallo good evening am part of this 21 days midnight I was the one who sent you my dream on the 6 of February 2017 I use anonymous because of some privacy because my Google account have my full details that's why am using it but am chioma by name and this is another dream I had last night been 9th I was walking on the road going somewhere then I came across a man with some other people performing a kind of ritual the man was holding a goat licking the goat mouth and face so he noticed that I saw him and sent people after me I ran and found myself in one compound so those men drove in to the compound brought out gun and ask them to provide me or they will kill every body when I saw the threat was too much I came out and surrender myself so the huge one came and carried me from my back with one hand wrap on my waist as he was dragging me to the car and me shouting and trying to see how to escape from his hands all I saw was group of men from no where kind of village boys with weapons came and said leave her so as they saw they can't defeat them they left me on the ground I stood up and ran in one room and hide myself that was all then I woke up. Thanks

  5. Good day Sir. Please interpret my dream for me. I dream that one of my colleague offer to plait my hair and I agree. As she was plaiting my hair someone commented that I look so nice. Later I went to see in the mirror and I did not like how she plaited my hair. By that time she only plaited part of the head. while looking in the mirror I notice I have dandruffs, I than begin to scratch them in the process I pulled part of my hair from my head.

  6. It is an unfortunate dream for a person to plait your hair. It means the enemy is trying to manipulate the source of your marital glory. The hair of a woman is her glory. When a person is plaiting your hair in the dream, it is a satanic manipulation. Command the agent of witchcraft assigned to pollute your marital life should be destroyed in Jesus name.

  7. Once I had a dream where I became lucid and thought, "holy fuck, I'm dreaming!"

    I've never flown in a dream before, so I decided to try to fly.

    I was in a parking lot that was slightly higher than the street. I ran from the farthest end of the parking lot toward the street, hoping I could use the slight hill to take off. I ran, jumped, and...fell.

    Felt pretty damn annoyed and then shortly lost lucidity. I then saw 4 whale eggs that I then ate, i immediately fell in pain and woke up in Ireland (where my relatives live). I then was stabbed by a crazy albino child. I fell in pain, and slowly crawled to the peanut butter ocean and then i woke up.

  8. Trying to fly in the dream, means a symbol of elevation and progress. But if you have a serious encounter in the lifting up, you have to unlock the hinderance militating against your moving forward.

  9. Good day , I woke up from a terrible dream at 3am this morning, it was as if I was meant to get to the other side of a bridge of sewage and as I tried jumping across I fell into the sewage and my partner tried reaching for me to get me out and I woke up.I prayed about it but im still shaken up.what could it possibly mean.

  10. Hallo,
    I was in a shopping mall and I entered a shop; whereupon I left, I found my shoes were not there at the door, but there were other ladies shoes. So I asked 2 lady attendants if they saw my pair, but they denied, I was confused. Somehow, I found myself at a place busy looking for them and gave up. Meanwhile my fiancee came with some lady shoes in his hands, (about 3 pairs). He was wearing a lady shoe too and he told me (while pointing the one he has worn) that they were my shoes he had found. He said he looked for my shoes and couldn't find them, so he came with those ones. I told him that the shoes he had worn were not my shoes. Anyway, I thanked him and gave him a peck on his cheek. I was very happy that he tried to look for the shoes even though he did not get them, but still managed to bring 3 and not one. Unfortunately, they were not new because it looked like he just picked them from where I had gone to look for mine. Afterwards,He told me that before we get home he wants us to go and have coffee at a restaurant. I agreed and I woke up from the dream, while I was packing my bag. He was waiting at the veranda of my childhood home in the city. what does it mean when he wears a lady's shoes claiming that it is mine? and what were the shoes in his hands mean?. Of recent, our relationship has gone downhill and I have stopped communicating to him for the past 3 weeks now. I miss him but I do not know how to handle the situation. Please help me to interprete the dream. Thank you.

  11. Hello. I am very troubled by some dreams I have been having. The most recent I dreamed that i was breast-feeding a lizard type animal. I have also dreamed that I saw this large animal by a tree, but it was kind of dark so I couldn't tell what it was. As I approached it I saw that it was a very large rodent type animal, but I immiediately pulled a bottle out and started feeding it. I have had a lot of trouble in my marriage relationship, and it seems like this may be related.


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