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Gunshot Dream

Gunshot Dream

One of the oldest weapon of the enemy is the gun. The enemy used the gun to shoot at people in the dream.

It is rightly stated in Scriptures that the devil cometh not but to steal, kill and destroy. These evil spirit destroy many lives through gunshot dream. Some people are spiritually dead, hence they walk about in the physical.

Sometimes, people heard the sound of a strange gunshot alone in the reality. Some power shot people in their dream, some received spiritual bullets on their head, legs and hands. Some received stay bullet in the dream and when they wake up, they feel weak and tired.

In most cases, they would notice a trace of marks on their body. If you go to the graveyard today, you will discover that greater number of people that died there is through the spirit of ignorance. For example, if you received a gunshot on your head in the dream, the devil will plant or hide something in your head.

By the time you wake up from your sleep, they have already programmed all manners of affliction on your body. When the demon shot you in the dream, it looks for where to paralyze or useless your life and destiny.

Many gunshot that takes place in the dream are not meant to necessarily kill instantly but to kill you slowly through sickness and frustration of life.

If the spiritual bullets or gun could kill the destiny of a person in the reality, how much more if it happens in the dream (spiritual realm). Any parts of your body that receive gunshot in the dream introduces or opens you to setbacks, failures and delay. 

Revelation 21:4 - And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Gunshot dream has destroyed so many people in the area of their jobs, marriage, finance and marriage. Take time to find out where the gun shot is coming from through prayers and fasting.

This kind of dream also shows that there could be powers that want you to be useless, demoted or eliminated in life. If care is not taken, it may be a sign of untimely death or losses of opportunities.

Since gun is an instrument of death. Every good thing you do for people would be exchanged for evil. These are big threat against your faith and spiritual stand in the word of God.

If you happens to make efforts to escape from such gunshot or arrows in the dream, but your efforts did not work out for you, you should know that your spiritual power is dead. Gunshot has become a daily occurrence  that is existing in the dream of many people today. Reject it!

Matthew 10:28 - And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

When you dream where you see yourself or someone else being shot in the dream, or under any stray bullets etc, means the clear purpose of the enemy is to keep you from fulfilling your dreams. To keep you from shinning.

To make you live a frustrated and confused life. The concept of the enemy in this dream indicates that you are under spiritual attack.

Have you shared your plans/dreams to someone in the past? Know that the powers of your father’s house are also enforcing serious problems against your destiny.

If you have been making good progress, it will only last for a short time. For your prayers to penetrate into the mind of your enemy, you must baptize yourself in the fire of the Holy Ghost. If you are happy before, this dream will quench the light of your blessings.

Gunshot or satanic arrows can only be confronted through warfare prayers and fasting.  If you hold a gun or collecting a gun from someone as a gift, It becomes a good dream when you are in a battle with your enemies in the dream, it means a spiritual instrument (prayers and fasting) for battles, to confront the Goliath of your life.

But, it becomes a bad dream when the  purpose for using the gun is  to steal or kill people in order to collect something from them. Pray very well. It means the spirit of armed robbery and assassins are about to get hold of you. The enemy will refuse to give up for as long as you refuse to pray.

Perhaps, you dream that armed robber came into your room and there was gunshot or elsewhere, you have to be prayerful because it may attracts loss of valueable things and indicates, untimely death of your loved ones.

No matter who you are, if you always see a force gunshot coming towards your comfort zone in the dream, shows the beginning of serious spiritual battles in your life. Stand up and pray against arrows of the wicked. If the arrow succeeded in entering into your body, you need go for deliverance very fast.

INSTRUCTION: Embark on a 7-day fasting and prayers between 12am – 6pm (Nigerian Time). The day or time of the fasting can be regulated depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit. Hold your hair firmly and pray these prayers. Take a bottle of water and pray on it and mix it with with your bathing water.

This is not the time to FEAR, but it is time to PRAY and wage serious battle against your enemies that want to kill you. Use the blood of Jesus to protect yourself. Read 2 Kings 1:1-4. Ps 27


1. Have you once been shot in the dream?
2. Can you recognize the face of the person that point a gun at you and shot you?
3. When you finished had the dream, do you see instant negative signs in your life?


1. Anything that is dead in my life be resurrected by fire, in Jesus name.
2. Any spiritual bullets of the wicked powers against me, catch fire, in Jesus name
3.Waster of destiny eyeing my life, be wasted in Jesus name
4. Every pursuer of destiny of my father's house, be disgraced in Jesus name
5. Every evil arrows fired against me, backfire, in Jesus name
6. Every power pursuing my life for evil, fail with speed in Jesus name.
7. Every event and occurrences that leads to untimely death will not happen to me in the name of Jesus
8. I cancel every evil arrangements designed to kill me before my time it will not work in Jesus name.
9. Every root and seed of affliction in my body, be uprooted by fire in Jesus name
10. Agent of untimely death, assigned to waste my life, be wasted in Jesus name.
11. My body, hear the word of the Lord; reject every offer of sickness and affliction in Jesus name
12. Power of God for divine protection and safety com upon be now in Jesus name
13. I exempt my life, children, and family from every end of the year evil in Jesus name
14. I shall live and not die to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the Living in Jesus name.

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