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Dream Interpretation of Death
Death Dream

Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 says,  For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any [thing] that is done under the sun.

Death is a symbol of darkness. This portion of the Bible makes us to understand that whosoever is dead is dead

There is no relationship between the death and the living. For example a late person apperared to you in the dream.  

A dead person has no power to do whatever the living people are doing Eccl 8:8. That is why the Bible says, it is appointed for a man to die but once. Also God has not given the dead the right to talk to you in the dream not even to eat with you. It is forbidden!

No matter how close the person is to you and no matter how caring the person is to you, the fact remains that the person is dead. Whenever you see dead people appearing to you in the dream, it is a bad signal. Reject it quickly.

Our darling Bible put it this way in Psalm 23:5 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

He understand that death is evil. Jesus has given us power over every power of the dead when he declares “I shall not die but live to declare the works of God (Ps 118:17).

Somewhere along the line, some powers must have issued an embargo on everyone from that family line. In some families, people don’t get old before they die. The trend needs to be arrested with prayers. It is a statement of fact that you will not die in Jesus name


Our state of mind might influence or contribute to this kind of dream which can mean nothing. But for the purpose of this write ups, is that it is a bad dream.

If you see dead people in the dream, it is a satanic plan to steal, kill and destroy. If you regularly dream of those who were close to you, you are under attack of untimely death.

If you were talking with the dead, it shows that your blessings and glory have been arrested by the spirit of death.  God has not made provision for the dead to reveal things to the living.

Obituary, funeral falls into the class of death. If you do see obituary or funeral activities in the dream, cancel everything that is exposing you to dead people in the dream.

If you are a career or business person, you need to rebuke every spirit of failure and limitation.

If you are a person about to marry or expecting better things, rise up and rebuke this dream. The truth is, dream about dead people means there is a wave of affliction coming.

Be steadfast in prayers. Pray against the power of the grave vising you in the dream. By the blood of Jesus, they will flee away! 


They are as follows:

1.  Death is a symbol of darkness
2.  Death is a tool of graveyard spirit
3.  Death shut down destinies
4.  Death is the presence of spiritual blindness
5.  Death closes opportunities
6. Death signifies the end of a person
7.  Death invites sorrow and mourning


You can see death in the dream through the following:

1.    Practice of evil idols in the family
2.    Wrong place of birth
3.    Evil pattern in the family
4.    Getting married to a serpent
5.    Curses/working in a cobweb spirit
6.    Evil dedication to the gods
7.    Bearing evil names
8.    Through abortion
9.    Wicked people in the family
10. Prayerlessness
11. Too much of bloodshed in the family
12. Confronting people with fight in the reality/exchanging insult with people
13. When you have visited false prophet or witch doctor
14. When you are in a wrong house
15. When your late relatives refuses to forgive you before he or she dies
16. When you are committing fornication and adultery


These are the symptoms in the life of a person that dream about death.

1. Untimely death
2. Struggling to move forward
3. Prolong financial embarrassment
4. Dead business, ministry shrinking
5. Marriage disaster
6. Having a new garment of sorrow and hatred
7. Known and unknown covenant with the graveyard spirit
8. False allegation in your place of work which may lead to your sack or suspension
9. Uncommon fear of the night
10. Unable to organise yourself at the interview (The spirit of death is after you.
12. Grade 1 poverty etc
13. Rejection becomes the order of the day
14. Constant bad luck
15. Hardship and lack
16. Working without no progress
17. Near success syndrome
18. Sickness and disease defy medical attention
19. Persistent loss and shame
20. Debt and stagnancy

The spirit of death in the dream is one powerful spirit. It has a long memory to retain someone’s lifestyle and foundation.  


1.   Repent from all known sin and flee from rebellion
2.   Surrender your life to Jesus
3.   Wage war against the spirit of death troubling you in the dream
4.   Prayerfully destroy their graveyard kingdom
5.   Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

INSTRUCTION: Embark on a 7 day fasting and prayers between 6am – 6pm. Anoint yourself with the anointing oil. Declare warfare at midnight hour with Psalm 27, Psalm 37. Pray it well and the spirit of death will go back to the sender!


1.       Any of my virtues taken to the graveyard by dead relatives in the dream, be recovered by fire in Jesus name.
2.      I command every covenant with the dead spirit to break by fire, in Jesus name
3.      I reject any death of another person transferred to me in the dream, in Jesus name. I resist any power of the grave assigned to sleep with me or give me money, in the name of Jesus.
4.      Every death invitation for my destiny, dreams, career, family, be nullified by blood of Jesus
5.      Blood of Jesus, destroy every instrument of death used to mess up my life in Jesus name
6.      Any power calling my names at any evil altar, catch fire, in Jesus name
7.      Anything I will say or do that will open doors for sudden death in my life and family, I receive grace not to say or do it in Jesus name.
8.     I shall live and not die to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the Living in Jesus name.
9.      Jesus thank you for your grace of protection and preservation at work in my life and family
10.  Every trap of untimely death prepared for me, be closed up in the name of Jesus
11.  Every power pursuing my life for evil, fail with speed in Jesus name.
12.  Every event and occurrences that leads to untimely death will not happen to me in the name of Jesus
13.  I cancel every evil arrangements designed to kill me before my time it will not work in Jesus name.
14. Every root and seed of affliction in my body, be uprooted by fire in Jesus name
15. Agent of untimely death, assigned to waste my life, be wasted in Jesus name.
16. My body, hear the word of the Lord; reject every offer of sickness and affliction in Jesus name
17. Power of God for divine protection and safety com upon be now in Jesus name
18. Jesus thank you for your grace of protection and preservation at work in my life and family
19. Oh Lord I am very grateful for rescuing me from the hands of the destroyers in Jesus name
20. Every satanic force and agent assigned to arrange untimely death for me, be arrested in Jesus name
21. I refuse to make any mistake that will give room to untimely death in my life in Jesus name
22. Anything I will say or do that will open doors for sudden death in my life and family, I receive grace not to say or do it in Jesus name.
23. Every trap of untimely death prepared for me, be closed up in the name of Jesus
24. I refuse to be a victim of evil manipulated accidents designed to lead to death in Jes

DEATH IN THE DREAM (1 Pt 5:8; 1 Cor 15:42:-44; Matt 18:18; Eccl 9:5; Ps 23; Ps 59; Ps 118;17; Rev 21:14; Isa 41:10-15; 1 Cor 10:13; Ps 27:1-14)


  1. It is a blessing to meet the wisdom to answer my problems. I dreamt about one of my children dying and after I woke up I cancelled it in Jesus name.

  2. We need more insights on dreams as it is a topic which is most forgotten in churches nowadays.


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