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Dream Interpretation of Nakedness

Being Naked in the dream has to do with the problem of sin and foundational issues.

Nakedness has no respect for any person in the dream. So long you have a mind of sin; you will fall into the web of the enemy.

Nakedness does not only embarrass you but it exposes you to danger and trouble of life. 

When you see your nakedness in the dream, it means you have allowed the enemy to use a ladder to penetrate into your life, destiny, marriage and career. Nakedness in the dream can rob a woman of her marital life.

It is a taboo for a woman to be naked in the dream as written Lev 18:11. Nakedness in the dream can brings down the value of a man and reduce him to nothing in the family. Adam and Eve were grossly naked because of their disobedient to God. They ate a forbidden fruit which was not the fruits it was assigned to them by God. Immediately, they were exposed for their sin.

This is exactly what is happening to many believers today. After several revelation or warning from God, they chose to disobey God and continue their sinful lifestyle.

Indecent dressing is a form of nakedness and stubbornness to heed to God’s ominous signs. Many people wear physical garment thinking that they are covered, but to God, they are seen in their nakedness. As a woman, if you constantly see your nakedness in the dream, it means you have lost your marital glory to the enemy.

The Bible makes us to understand that nakedness is a sin. So when you dream where people are watching your  complete nakedness, it therefore means your secret sins and wickedness has been exposed by God (Heb 4:13).

Another meanings suggests that an avenue where your enemies are mocking you and your Christian life; and thereby challenging your God. We are also safe to say this dream could generally mean lack of protection, lack of God’s blessings and also a clear sign of backsliding. But if you try to make effort to cover your nakedness but the efforts did not work, you need to embark on fasting and prayers or quickly run to a deliverance pastor for prayers.


1.       It brings dishonor
2.       Disappearance of helpers
3.       It causes lost of glory
4.       It brings hatred and bitterness
5.       It causes you to be confounded before your enemies. It brings you down before your enemies (Jer 51:51, Ps 89:42)
6.       It is an avenue of loneliness, alienation and abandonment
7.       It brings sadness, weeping and tears (1 Sam 1;15-18)
8.       You become object of ridicule and mockery (Ps 79:4, 109:25, 89:41)


1.       Repent from sins and deal with them
2.       Surrender your life to Christ
3.       Forgive those that have hurt, rejected and disappointed you
4.       Forgive yourself. Go for deliverance
5.       Be humble before God. (God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble)
6.       Bind and destroy any powers that want to disgrace you before the world. Take time to mention whatever evil or bad things you have done in the past
7.       Live a holy life. Do not backslide again or go back to your old vomit (2 peter 2:22)
8.       Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus.

INSTRUCTION: Embark on a 7-day fasting and prayers between 6am-3pm. Ask the Lord to cloth your nakedness. Command the God of mercy, to forgive you for the act of disobedience. Let me not be ashamed; Let not my enemies triumph over me. (Psalms 25:2 NKJV)


1. Every power of public shame and disgrace against me backfire in Jesus name.

2. Generational disgrace and shame in my life, shall not stand in Jesus name.

3. Any power that want to disgrace me, shall be disgraced in Jesus name.

4. Every arrow of public shame, back to the sender in Jesus name.

5, I renounce foundation shame in my life in Jesus name.

6. Anyone that is waiting for my shame, shall receive double shame and shall be put to shame in Jesus name.

7. I will not be a ridicule of shame among friends and family in Jesus name.

8. I recover every wasted years of delay, that’s almost cause me shame in Jesus name.

9. I bury every spirit of shame assigned to my destiny in Jesus name.

10. Thank you Lord because I know and believe i have renounced the spirit of shame.

11. Lord Jesus, cloth me with your garment, in the name of Jesus.

12. let my nakedness that is exposed to my enemies be closed by the blood of Jesus. 

13. Disgrace in my foundation die in the name of JESUS.

14. Every altar of disgrace in my life catch fire. 

15. Generational disgrace in my life die in the name of Jesus 6. Any power that want to disgrace my life on the day of my glory die.

16. You my life reject public disgrace in the name of Jesus 

17. Any powers that disgrace my parents and want to disgrace me die in the name of JESUS. 

18. Every dream of backwardness assign against my life die in the name of JESUS. 

19. Any bad habit in my life that will disgrace me in the future, blood of JESUS wash it away in the name of Jesus.

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