Sunday, 15 January 2017

I Saw Myself Naked And Bathing Outside In The Dream

Happy Sunday Man of God. Please I had a dream where I saw myself naked and bathing outside in a bathroom that is open and some ladies like foreigners were looking at me and they were also laughing. I wanted to get out of the place but could not because there are other people that are around that may also see my nakedness. Please I need interpretation to this dream. Thanks and remain blessed, Amen.

To be naked means:

expose oneself to other,
• display those bad things that you have being hiding from people
• to notify your weak points,
• for you to be uncovered,
• for you to be ashamed of you yourself,
• For people to see your skeleton that have being covered.

Being naked in the dream means the enemy wants to disgrace you. If you are taking your bath in an open place where people can easily see you, its a symptom of shame and open embarrassment. Those foreigners like ladies are a set of unfriendly friends that you are keeping. They were actually mocking and laughing at your condition. Instead of them to render assistance by clothing, the enemy is using them to make mockery of your situation. This dream shows you have no helper of destiny that will cover your shame and show you the way out of your situation. If you fail to pray, you are likely going to end up being rejected and pitied by people. When you wanted to get out but no way, it shows your way out of your present shame and disgrace has not been opened. Don't worry when people are using the story of your life to make mockery of you. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. God will continue to cover your nakedness and destroy those that are rejoicing at your condition. Of course, God will always disgrace and destabilize the enemy. Your enemy will always be subjected to complete disgrace. The expectation of the enemy over your life over your life shall be destroyed. When the Lord cover your shame, the enemy will be frustrated.


1. Open up to GOD in prayers - Tell GOD all your weaknesses.
2. Repent from your known sin and confess them to Christ
2. Enter into aggressive prayer against those powers that want to disgrace you.
3. Prayerfully locate those who don't you well in life
4. Try to be quiet about your situation and look unto God.
5. Avoid self-pity and inferiority complex.
6. Don't allow your past life to hunt you
7. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus

PRAYER POINTS O my God, I trust in You; Let me not be ashamed; Let not my enemies triumph over me. (Psalms 25:2 NKJV). Pray and Fast for 3 days using Isa 61:7, 1 John 1:9, Ps 31:17.

Every power of public shame and disgrace against my life die in the name of JESUS.
2. Any powers afflicting me because of my weakness die in the name of JESUS.
3. Disgrace in my foundation die in the name of JESUS.
4. Every altar of disgrace in my life catch fire.
5. Generational disgrace in my life die in the name of Jesus
6. Any power that want to disgrace my life on the day of my glory die.
7. You my life reject public disgrace in the name of Jesus
8. Any powers that disgrace my parents and want to disgrace me die in the name of JESUS.
9. Every dream of backwardness assign against my life die in the name of JESUS.
10. Any bad habit in my life that will disgrace me in the future, blood of JESUS wash it away in the name of Jesus
11. Every arrow of public shame and disgrace against my life die by fire.
12. Every arrow of public shame, back to the sender in Jesus name.
13. I renounce foundation shame in my life in Jesus name.
14. Anyone that is waiting for my shame, shall receive double shame and shall be put to shame in Jesus name.
15. I will not be a ridicule of shame among friends and family in Jesus name.
16. I recover every wasted years of delay, that’s almost cause me shame in Jesus name.
17. I bury every spirit of shame assigned to my destiny in Jesus name.
18. Thank you Lord because I know and believe i have renounced the spirit of shame.

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