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Ancient Rat Was Killed In My Dream please, what is the meaning of rat in the dream? Very big rat was killed in my house by one old man and the rat in that dream has been disturbing us. The man came and killed the rat with big iron rod. sir i haven't seen such an ancient  rat that came out from deep hole.

1 Peter 5:8 says,  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

This is the spirit of satanic manipulation. Rat has a poverty striking powers. Rat in the dream makes loss and bewitchment to appear common in your life. When you see a big rat in the dream, difficulties becomes redefined as a source of attack. The moment snake has become in vogue in your dream, means that your spirit will be mortgaged forever by this stubborn spirit. 

This is a spirit close to you; they are in your camp without your knowledge. An encounter with such rat in the dream can result to tragedy or great loss from which they may never recover. The spirit of rat is the spirit that want you to lose every precious things in life.

This demonic rat has the ability to turn your expected blessings into a standstill. If you keep seeing rat in the dream, it is dangerous as a Christian. Because rat is also termed as a monitoring spirit and form a big obstacle in your home. 

There are some spiritual rats that are very stubborn, very hard to kill even with the use of insecticide they keeps coming, such a rat is sent to attack a certain person or cage blessings. That is why it is good to anoint your room and properties with the blood of Jesus. Rat is known for eating food kept in the home,  tearing to pieces documents or papers, including tearing of bags and penetrate in it and destroy whatever they see It's important therein. 

These rats can attack and tear to pieces, if necessary. It is a great victory for killing the ancestral rat once and for all. 

By killing that rat, something strange is happening to the sender. By killing the rat, God is sending fire into the body of your tormentor. By killing the rat, all your pending blessings will be delivered to you. Everything will be okay as far as the rat is being killed in the dream.


1. He spirit of rat is the spirit of destiny terminator
2. The spirit of rat is the spirit of the strongman
3. The spirit of rat is the spirit  that represents financial recklessness
4. The spirit of rat is the spirit that want to determine how far you will go
5. The spirit of rat is the spirit that will never allow you to move forward
6. The spirit of rat is the spirit that puts you into profitless labour while all the profit goes to the enemy.
7. The spirit of rat is the spirit of destruction.
8. The spirit of rat is the spirit that fight against you in your family
9.the spirit of rat is the spirit that introduces stumbling blocks on your journey.
10. The spirit of rat is the spirit that says your glory is with me.


1. Repentance from every known or unknown sin because through your son they may come back in rage to attack you
2. You must renounce all ancestral sins.
3. Accept God's forgiveness and also forgive yourself
4. You need to fight and wage war against the spirit of rat
5.Command any hiding demon in form of rat monitoring you to die
6. Be prayerful and watchful
7. Barricade yourself with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost

INSTRUCTION: Take 3 days fasting and prayers (6am-6pm). Pray by using Gal 6:17; Job 5:19


1. Every power that does not want to let me go,  die in Jesus name.
2. Every invisible power in my room attacking the source of my blessing, die
3. Stubborn oppressors, stubborn tormentors, your time is up die
4. Anything in my life that is saying No to my angel of blessing, depart by the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name
5. Every strongman of bad luck attached to my life, fall down and die  in Jesus name
6. Spirit of witchcraft rat loose your hold upon my life and die, in Jesus name
7. Powers sending this evil rat on errand to attack me, I set you ablaze in Jesus name.
8. O God arise and let ancestral rat assigned against me be destroyed in Jesus name
9. I return all curses issued against me and my family back to the sender in Jesus name.
10. I paralyze the activities of stubborn rats and its agents  in my house, in the name of Jesus .
11. I use the anointing oil of the Holy Ghost to find out wherever this evil rat has been hiding in my house, in Jesus name
12. Any power using rat to steal from me, die, in Jesus name
13. My glory blind the eyes of any witchcraft rat assigned to monitor me and give report back to their enchanters in Jesus name
14. Domestic and environmental witchcraft activities in my place of birth, wither by fire, in Jesus name
15.Every good dorr closed by wickedness, burst open by fire in Jesus name
16. I send evil arrows back to the sender in Jesus name
17. Strongman sitting comfortably on my blessing, be overthrown in Jesus name
18. Evil veil covering my destiny, roast by fire in Jesus name
19. Bewitchment and spell of disfavour clear away by the blood of Jesus
20. Evil personality collecting my blessings in the spirit realm, fall down and die, in Jesus name.
21. Every stubborn rat in my living room, looking for where to attack my blessings and tear my documents, you are a failure, burn to ashes. I command you to die, in Jesus name

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  1. I had a dream that I ran over a rat while driving and killed it.

  2. It is something victory over household enemies


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